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Commercial & Residential Mowing

GAS Lawn Pros specializes in routine maintenance of some of the greenest, healthiest lawns in Southwest Kansas. We know the ins-and-outs of lawn care maintenance including the perfect height of your particular grass species and recommended cutting patterns. Our professionals are experts in "lawnscaping" and work diligently to maximize their efforts to give you a green lawn the entire neighborhood will envy.

Turf & Ornamental Fertilizer & Herbicide Application

It is vital that your lawn has the proper nourishment to help each and every blade of grass grow stronger--beginning at the roots. Our proprietary fertilization and herbicide turf step program ensures that your lawn is as plush as possible by providing vital nutrients to the soil when it matters most as well as providing a weed free area to flourish. New and established plants alike benefit from fertilization and pre-emergent treatments as well by developing strong roots and weed free canvases to grow.

Pesticide Business License

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Irrigation System & Backflow Preventer Installation & Maintenance

Whether you need valves replaced, a timer installed, or simply need to have a broken sprinkler head swapped out, rely on our trained technicians to have your system repaired and running again in no time. GAS Lawn Pros uses only the finest quality sprinkler and irrigation products guaranteeing that our clients receive the highest-quality irrigation systems. Our top-notch team is also backflow preventer certified to eliminate contamination of potable water systems. GAS Lawn Pros! You need look nowhere else.

Backflow Prevention Certified


Hedge Trimming

Freshly-trimmed hedges are a sight to behold. Not only do well-trimmed hedges and shrubs provide fantastic curb appeal, but regular pruning also promotes health by removing dead, dying or diseased portions preventing diseases from spreading and insects from settling into dead limbs. Proper pruning can also improve flowering and fruiting and may be unique to your type of hedges. GAS Lawn Pros strives to cause as little disruption to your landscape as possible while providing exceptional trimming services.

Mulch Application

The professionals at GAS Lawn Pros are experts in applying mulch to enhance the eye appeal of gardens and nicely manicured landscapes. Adding mulch also serves as an inhibitor for weed germination and growth while holding moisture for longer periods of time. Properly-applied mulch also moderates soil-temperature fluctuations minimizing stress on plants caused by irregular weather patterns, particularly during the spring and fall transitions.

Weed Control

There are various methods used to control and eliminate weeds. As your Southwest Kansas preferred lawn and grounds maintenance provider, we will analyze your particular needs, whether it be crack and crevice spraying or bare ground lot spraying, and then help you create a plan-of-action aimed at delivering optimal results.

Tree Trimming

The first impression of a properly pruned tree is like a good haircut—if neglected, your entire yard could look shabby.


GAS Lawn Pros knows how to properly trim and prune your trees to not only enhance your property’s eye appeal, but also to keep your trees aerated, healthy and strong.


GAS Lawn Pros knows that beautiful lawns are correctly mowed, watered and fertilized. One not-so-obvious method employed by our lawn care experts is aerating. By perforating the landscape, air, water and other vital nutrients are allowed to better penetrate the soil and in turn invigorate your lawn producing stronger blades of grass and a deep, vibrant glow.

Lawn Seeding, Overseeding, Sod Installation

Your goal is a plush, green landscape that you can walk through without shoes. The GAS Lawn Pros seeding experts are well-versed in new lawn installation and maintenance to achieve such a feat. When starting with a clean slate, we can seed your soil or install sod for instant results. Overseeding is ideal for increasing density and/or for filling in bare spots and works best when combined with an aeration service.

Professional Landscaping

Your landscape is an investment that requires proper care and ongoing maintenance to keep the trees and shrubs looking their best. Many steps are required to keep plants protected, so we will assist in establishing a plan specific to the needs of your landscape. Expect a knowledgeable professional to visit your home or commercial property to evaluate and consider the present vegetation before making suggestions to improve not only the appearance of your property but its monetary value, as well.

Commercial Snow  Removal

Although heavy snowfalls are sparse in Southwest Kansas, GAS Lawn Pros is dedicated to ensuring you offer safe and comfortable passages for your clients. We work diligently to have the desired areas cleared quickly to minimize our exposure while maximizing your profitability. It’s recommended that you pre-plan and get on our calendar long before the winter season arrives to ensure we can service your business in a timely fashion.